Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy to be participating in Paws For Charity!

I'm delighted and honored to be participating in the 2009 Art Book Project for Paws For Charity. I found out about this charity from Sara Harley,
who lost her mom when she was 21 to breast cancer. This disease is very personal to me as well. My grandmother had a double masectomy when I was a child and I saw her struggles and battles with this disease. I feel lucky to be able to help!
So, a little bit about this project:

What is "Paws for Charity"?
Paws for Charity was created several years ago by four women who ran dog businesses and used their businesses to raise money for breast cancer charity. When the group was started, Sara ran a dog biscuit business and sold a package called "Crunch for a Cure". One hundred percent of her proceeds was donated to breast cancer charity. Last year, she sold her dog biscuit business and Paws for Charity languished. This year, she decided to focus on fund raising through Paws for Charity through two projects. Two of the other Paws for Charity founders continue to sell their products to raise funds, and this year will be raising funds for different charities. Paws for Charity is not a registered charity, but we do raise funds for registered charities.
What is the "Art Book Project"?
2009 is the first year for this project. A 40 page book is being created using donated art and photograph images from the US, UK, and Canada. The book features dogs and cats (and one teddy bear!) (the PAWS part of the project) and all proceeds raised will be donated to breast cancer charities (the FOR CHARITY part of the project).
Here is my contribution!
Don't we love our babies?

What is the book going to look like?
The book is a soft cover book, 7 inches square and 40 pages long. It features the artwork and photography of 37 artists from the US, UK, and Canada. It will be published by an online, on demand company. This means that the books are printed one by one as they are ordered, and shipped out to the purchaser directly by the online printing company.

How can my friends order this book and how much will it cost?
Once it's available (likely in early April), I'll send you the link for online ordering.

We will make a difference!


Mary said...

Hi Kimmie!

What a worthy cause! My own mother had a lumpectomy about 10 years ago and Praise the Lord she is still cancer-free. What a busy gal you are!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and commenting on my "Pug" creations. We have 3 little rat terriers ourselves, but I just think the pugs are too cute. I told hubby when our oldest passes that's what I want to get. He has other breeds in mind ~ you know, just like a man, he wants one of those dogs people are scared to death of ~ doberman, pit bull. Yeah, like over my dead body! LOL!


Dawn said...

Please let me know when it is available.. goldbettyboo [at]
A very worthy cause, one that needs to be supported x

island sunshyne said...

Hi Kimmie -

What a wonderful cause...and such an honor to be a contributor! Your painting is so sweet and will be such a lovely addition to the book.

Please keep us posted about the books' release...I would love to see the final product and support the cause!


Sara said...

I'm so happy to have you participating in this project! Love your art! I'm putting the final touches on the book, and it's looking great. More details coming soon.

suziart said...

How wonderful to be able to participate in such a great cause! My Aunt died from breast cancer and 4 months later, Mom had it in both breasts, but it was not related, thank God. My friend had it last year and caught it early!!

I have given you an award, check my blog!
XoXo, Suzi

Mistress Girly said...

That is such a good idea. And your piece is so perfect for it. congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and good luck! :)

Flor Larios Art said...

Congratulations! very sweet painting!

Anonymous said...

You've been photo tagged! Stop by when you get a chance :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie, what a wonderful idea, and what an honor to be part of it. Your paintings are just the sweetest, I LoVe your art work.