Thursday, March 26, 2009

Angel Of The Blue

Yay-got her finished! She gave me a bit of a fuss but I spent most of the day working on her. I wanted to get some pics outside but it's raining today. I usually use a satin varnish but I used semi-gloss this time and I love it. It really shows the paint and texture well.


ostrich girl said...

Your Angel is Gorgeous!
About the tags curling,Ithink if you cover them with parchment paper and a thin cloth you could iron them flat again! Talk soon!

p.s. Tankyou for the sweet compliments!

Zan Asha said...

Hey Kimmie--the work turned out great..even when you were worried there wasn't enough space, it's truly gorgeous!

Anne said...

Very nice! :-)

bonnesinger said...

Hey Kimmie....I just love her, sooo beautiful. I espeically love your style artworks. Enjoyed visitng your blog so much!