Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun Doll Tag Swap

I'm taking part in a doll tag swap on Nancye's Art Dolls. I think there's 16 participants and we're all making 16 tags and sending them off to Nancye and she's going to put them all together-one from each artist- and then we'll have our own doll tag book! Very cool idea. Here are my first eight that I've done. I used card stock and cut them to the right size. (well pretty close I hope!)

I painted them all different colors and added black and white images which I embellished with some paint here and there. Then I added all kinds of goodies...stamps, fabric, ribbon, other collage pieces and some super sparkly paint!
They are much shinier in person. Remember Kewpie dolls?!


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Kimmie you are done...arrrghhhh I'm finishing mine up this weekend with Sharyn...LOL Your tags came out great and I can't wait to get one! whooohooo!

Zan Asha said...

These are great! Great idea, too :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, they are so cute.

Holly said...

So cute ^-^!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Love the tags and what a great idea for each of you to have your own collection from 15 others!! Very cool.