Thursday, May 14, 2009

I drooled a little bit

And who wouldn't? One of my blogging friends, Caroline from CarolinesCrafts
is also one of my friends in my everyday life. We've known each other and worked together for a long time. Anyway we exchange Christmas gifts every year, usually during May or June :) and this is what she got me! It's a stamp set with 58 stamps in a carrying case and when you flip it over it has markers and 8 different colored inks for the stamps. It's heavenly. There's not a surface in my house that's safe now!

And speaking of buddies....I am expecting a package from someone off ebay, which still isn't here, but I found this lovely box on my porch and the return address is from The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, Miss Michelle!
Surprise! I actually squealed when I opened the box! Without further ado, may I present....

Miss Suzi Q from Poland! Suzi Q has very quickly found a place in my home and my heart and I think she likes it here. Can't you just hear her talking?! She is so lovely with her sweet expression and her pink Tulip skirt! She even has a 'love' ribbon wrapped around her. And I didn't show her feet in the pic but she can sit with her little feet crossed! I'm charmed.

I am so lucky to have such good friends. I treasure you guys for all your amazing qualities! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Caroline said...

Isn't that terrible, May or June and I think this year was later than last. At this rate in a couple of years we'll catch up to Christmas!
I'm glad you like it.
And what a nice surprise from Michelle, I love her dolls! ☺
P.S. I almost kept the stamp set for myself but knew you would use it and appreciate it more!!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

WOW...that stamp set ROCKS! Man Caroline hooked you up good girl! She always sends such wonderful gifts and what fun package to play with! Hey, you could use those stamps over at EVB Studios in your clay the way missy...where are you over there? LOL I'm so glad Suzi Q from Poland arrived safely to her new wonderful home. I can see she has already become your partner in crime! hmmmm what is she up too? hehehehe I agree with you about making cool and endearing friends...You and Caroline Rock! WhoooHoooo Now we can form the Real "Charlie Angels" mmmmmaaaawwwhhhhhh LOL
Enjoy my friend and Have a great Thursday. Hey the sun will be out tomorrow..pssstttt I did the Sun Dance again for you!

Becky said...

Love the stamp set too.The doll is cute,LOL.Have a great day!lol@Crow Haven up there doing a sun dance.I wonder if she could fly here for a few days,LOL

Pattee said...

I think having stamps and markers sounds like just tooo much fun!

And anything from Michelle rates an A++++++++++
I love Michelle's work!!!

julie king said...

lucky you!!! i like the idea of doing christmas in the spring. what fun. the stamp kit is fantastic and has just jogged my memory that i have an old antique rubber stamp kit hidden away in my art room closet. i'd completely forgotten about it. i'm off to get it out and start dreaming about using it on a canvas some day soon!!

suzi q is so sweet. did i say how lucky you are??! hee hee

Chicken Lips said...

Oh that stamp set looks like hours of fun!