Friday, February 20, 2009

All The Way From England....!

Yay! Lucky Me! I was the winner of this beautiful pendant necklace from Jan at Beadyjan's
during OWOH. She makes some amazing jewelry, among other things! Sorry about my pics. My lighting never seems to be quite right. The pendant is in earth tones and it just shimmers with gold! The spiral rope is hand beaded. This piece is out of this world and I will so enjoy wearing it! Thank you Jan :]

This is the lovely hand made card that my necklace came in. Such a treat to open!


Plain-n-Simple! said...

WOW you are one LUCKY chicky Kimmie!!! That is Beautiful!!!!

Jesse Mendez said...

Hi there how are you? I was looking through your blog and found it interesting and wanted to leave you a comment.

I have an invitation for you to come and visit my art blog here in San Diego Southern California. I started this blog in an attempt at finding a creative way to find new friends, and explore my artistic skills through bloging. I have since found many new friends from an international audience. I hope you will stop by and enjoy the various labels and music videos I design for my art blog.
I hope to see you soon :)

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Kimmie, You are one lucky lady!! Love the piece and I'm really enjoying your blog. Going to give you a link over the weekend if you don't mind. I'll be back for more!

Paris said... cool!!! :) Congrats to you. woot!

Caroline said...

You got some nice stuff--wasn't it fun!!
I've got an award for you--stop by when you get a chance :)

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

You lucky girl! ENOY your treasurers!

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Thanks everyone! I am indeed lucky and enjoying my new bling!

Paris said...

Thinking of you...hope you had a good Monday! :)

Beadyjan said...

I'm so pleased you're happy with it. It is a one off so you can rest assured nobody else will have one quite like it!