Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Walk in the Woods Big Art GIVEAWAY!

A Walk In The Woods Big Art Giveaway! She's done on wood and measures 24X12. Lots of colors and details. To be entered for a chance to win her just leave me a comment either here or on youtube and answer this question:What is the most outrageous, ridiculous gift you've ever gotten for Christmas?! I will place all entries in a bowl and will pick a winner on Sat. Dec. 6th. Good Luck and Have Fun!


Angelina's Trinkets said...

Hmmm, the most ridiculous and outrageous gift...this is difficult as my DH is quite good at getting me just what I want, although one year (along time ago) he did buy me some very sexy lingerie to wear and our 5 little children had some pretty big questions when I opened the gift. I turned quite red and quickly stuffed the items back into the package.

Come on over to my Great Christmas Giveaway and enter to win a Christmas Gift. You can get there from my Angelina's Trinkets site. I can also post your giveaway if you would like?


Blaiz said...

A friend of mine once "regifted" me -- with the gift I had given her the previous year! The strangest part was that she had specifically asked me for that gift! I just said "you should keep better records if you're going to be regifting."

Brenda said...

....don't tell my hubby this--ok? but I collect sets of dishes--all kinds of dishes--sets with flamingos, spring hats,fall leaves.....but the thing that I have the most of are white dishes--I have a set from Ikea that serves 16-then I found another 2 sets that are service for 16 in each box--so I can now feed 38 people on white dishes--and some square white--you get the picture, right? Two Christmas's ago hubby went out to Pottery Barn and guess what he bought me--WHITE DISHES......not like he didn't know we already had more than enough....I asked him why and he told me 'cause they were from Pottery I care--NO MORE WHITE DISHES--we are a family of 3!
I think it is funny you asked--Last night I was looking at Freecycle and a gal and her family had just moved to Tennessee from CA with nothing--they sold everything to come here--guess what she came and picked up today? Yep! A set of white dishes for 8, cute salad bowls, and dishes and a big salad bowl and some glasses.............I hope she uses them in good health--
Love to all,
brenda bliss

nayski said...

this is gorgeous - i would love to be entered for a chance to win. thanks much & happy holidays to you
Renee (

Amber said...

I'm trying to think of the most ridiculous gift.....I'm sure there have many....maybe a silver flask for "drinks"..and I don't drink. lol

I would love to be entered to win your beautiful painting.

Cami said...

Really lovely work! I'm so impressed.

Cami said...

PS Ridiculous gift: thongs and serving spoons in the same box. Seriously! It was near my wedding day, but still...

Larke Jewell said...

This is odd to admit, but my mother was in recovery and receiving treatment....she made me a piece of art for Christmas that consisted of dried up REAL Sea Horses hot glued to a piece of muslim with sea shells glued near the bottom and sand, which was then placed in a was truly ridiculous!!! This was one gift that I did not display on my mantle, and my mother is embarrassed to this day of that "ART" she made while recovering from her drug addiction! Every now and then I will find something that reminds me of that and send it to her as a gag gift! We laugh about it now, which is a good thing :)

Hilary said...

This is really sweet!

~Barb~ said...

Ridiculous and outrageous gift?

My step-son had married this girl that none of us liked but being the good woman I am, I put on my happy face and treated her kindly.

For Christmas we gave them great gifts, many they had specifically asked for (spending mucho money) and they (SS and his wife) gave awesome and nice gifts to my hubs and our two daughters...they gave me (and you know SHE is the one that did this!)....get ready...a package of Oreo cookies.

Just a package of Oreos!
From the grocery store.

What makes it even more ridiculous?

I'm diabetic! *rolls eyes*

How bad is that?!?! lol

Peace & Love,

Stacy Zimmerman said...

I told my grandmother one year that I would really like a new hairdryer. I have received a new hairdryer now every year for the last 15 years. Bless her heart! Stacy Zimmerman

Luna said...

Every year she was alive my Aunt M. used to send a package to me at Christmas. It wasn't really for me because there was never anything in the package marked for me, but in the package were three wrapped packages, all unmarked, but each containing a pair of knitted mittens in some of the most atrocious colors I'd ever seen. The funniest memory about those mittens is of my oldest son, then about 12, holding one of the packages to his forehead with his eyes closed and announcing. "I'm getting an impression of the contents of this gift.... scratchy... wool...mittens...ughly color...." It was hilarious!

Jeanette said...

Ok, I was newly married and my hubby had a habit of blowing our budget, he likes kitchen appliances.
So on our 2nd Christmas, I wanted clothes to wear for work. We didn't have alot of money and I didn't need anymore power tools, lol. I had gone around with him, at his request and tried on dresses/suits in the correct price range. He had the exact list and correct sizes. He was to choose his favorite.
He wanted to surprise me, so he picked out something else, it was a dress/suit, but not quite my style(ugly)! I tried it on praying it wouldn't fit and bummer, it fit great. The only problem was I was 20 years old and I looked 40 in the old lady dress he picked for me. Hey, I can say old lady dress now, 'cause I am 48, now. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I knew I had to wear it.
The first time I wore it, I accidently spilled a pot of spaghetti sauce down the dress, oops. It was hopelessly stained, so sad. I asked for power tools after that.
Have a wonderful christmas and I would love to entered into your drawing. thanks!

Beth said...

The most hilarious gift I ever received was a HUGE pair of panties (meant as a joke, of course!)!! They would've fit the Jolly Green Giant, they were so big. Those panties got passed around in our family for two or three years!

Beth Davis

ArteDar said...

An empty box that had been wrapped from mom. It's been a tradition for many years that the empty box gets wrapped and pass on to a family member during our Christmas family party. She was a s surprised as I was that it was empty!
Blessings, Dar ARTEDAR
Happy Holidays

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Please put me in this drawing ok?
I would love to have a chance!!!

Linda said...

Probably the funniest gift I ever received was from my husband who, I guess, got tired of hearing me complain about the tailgaters who drove too close to me on my commute home from work. Among other things, he bought me a license plate holder that said "Back up or I'll flick a booger on your windshield." I just about died laughing but I used it proudly. Many times I'd look in my rear view mirror and see people read it and laugh.

It's still one of my favorite gifts because it showed he was listening to me.

crissi said...

Hi kimmie dont foget about me i posted on you tube ;-)

you got some great answers here

crissi x